Blur Launches NFT Lending Protocol, ‚Blend‘: Mixed Reviews From Community

• Blur has launched a new NFT lending protocol, Blend, that allows users to borrow against their NFTs.
• OpenSea has faced increased product pressures and other competitors have had their own respective challenges.
• The platform has quickly garnered mixed reviews from the NFT community and some critics have raised concerns about its implications.

Overview of the NFT Market

What many would likely describe as a ‘dry’ NFT market lately, Blur (and marketplace competitors) aren’t pressing the brakes on building out new products and features. Case and point this week comes courtesy of a new NFT lending protocol from the team at Blur, called Blend. The new platform has quickly garnered mixed reviews (no pun intended) from the NFT community – with outspoken advocates and equally as loud critics.

Blend: A New Marketplace Platform

The newest ‘kid on the block’ in the NFT space was brought to market in partnership with venture capital player Paradigm back in November 2022, and has quickly gained market share during a tumultuous market over the past ~6 months. The arguable market leader, OpenSea, has faced increased product pressures, and other competitors have faced challenges as well. In fact, it was Blur’s move to aggressive market 0% trading fees that led OpenSea to do the same in recent months; meanwhile, competitors have had their own respective challenges: MagicEden has largely slowed in growth after expanding support beyond Solana, Rarible seems to be pivoting to more of a white-label approach (exhibited by the firm’s work with toymaker Mattel lately), and other NFT marketplaces have at the very least been experiencing a drying market throughout. It’s no easy road paved ahead for marketplace operators in this space.

Features of Blend

Regardless, Blur’s new peer-to-peer lending protocol Blend was launched to start the month of May and while not providing a completely new product – it’s one that has quickly garnered mixed reviews, especially considering Blur’s quickly-gained influence in the space. Blend opens the already ajar door to NFT lending, allowing owners of big-dollar NFTs to utilize them as collateral. It’s that unique mix of NFTs and DeFi that many have spoke about but hasn’t hit the market at scale yet. Unlike many other smaller NFT lending platforms that we’ve seen hit the market to date, Blend actually offers no expiries or fees collected from borrowers or lenders – something which is causing both excitement amongst advocates but also concern amongst critics who are not sure what implications this will bring for buyers/sellers down line given its lack of regulation currently within this space..

Mixed Reviews From Critics

Not everyone is a fan of Blur’s latest announcement; critics‘ reasoning varies but some cite concerns over potential manipulation within an unregulated environment if too much liquidity were concentrated into certain pieces due to borrowing against them being so easy! Additionally there are questions around what happens when borrowers default on payments – is there any reparations put into place? These are all valid points which remain unanswered currently however time will tell what impact this will have once it’s rolled out further across different networks with larger user bases than just Solana where it’s currently limited too..


In conclusion we can see how even though markets may be ‚dry‘ right now there is still lots happening behind scenes within crypto & digital art spaces – innovation continues apace & only time can tell how these projects fare long term once they’re exposed more widely across networks & communities outside those who are early adopters/enthusiasts! Only then will we really understand if these products add real value or if they’re just another passing trend…